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For over?30 years, ABC Amazing Bangkok Cyclist is setting the standard for bicycle tours in and around Bangkok. As the first bicycle tour company in Bangkok, ABC gives you the security of all the experience needed on safety levels and knowledge to provide the best biking tours in and around Bangkok. During our bicycle tours we cycle in an easy and relaxed pace, manageable for all fitness levels. You will get to explore all layers of society and we will show you places you would never find on your own. We do not pass major tourist sites, but instead give you and unique insight into the local lifestyle of the local people.

Get off the beaten path … get a real impression of Bangkok.

All our ABC guides are fully accredited and are love?to show our guests a good time on the bicycles. We like to make ?jokes and keep the information light hearted and?informative so its?easy to remember. There is always time for questions and photos.

We’ve done it again.?Trip Advisor’s 2015 award for?excellence

We aim to give you the best service and a great time with ABC on the bicycle tours.

You come as a customer?… leave as a friend.

Michiel Hoes, founder – ABC Amazing Bangkok Cyclist Co,. ltd. and Realasia co,. Ltd.

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Bangkoks No. 1 Bicycle Tours


Price:?1,300 Baht per person

When:?Every day of the year Duration:?8.00-12.00 Difficulty:?Easy Distance:?Approx. 13-16 km Start/finish:?ABC?Office


Price:?1,800 Baht per person

When:?Monday to Friday Duration:?10.00-15.00 Difficulty:?Easy Distance:?Approx.?16-20 km Start/finish:?ABC?Office


Price:?1,300 Baht per person

When:?Every day of the year Duration:?13.00-17.00 Difficulty:?Easy Distance:?Approx. 13-16 km Start/finish:?ABC Office


Price:?2,400 Baht per person

When:?Tuesday till Sunday Duration:?18.00-21.00 Difficulty:?Easy Distance:?Approx. 10-15 km Start/finish:?ABC Office


Price:?2,400 Baht per person

When:?Saturday & Sunday ONLY Duration:?10.00-16.00 Difficulty:?Easy Distance:?Approx. 18-24 km Start/finish:?ABC Office


Price:?Dependant on number of participants

When:?Any day, any time Duration:?From 2 to 6 hours Difficulty:?Suitable for all ages Distance:?Approx.?10-40 km Start/finish:?ABC Office

Take a Ride with us

Let us show you and your private party the Bangkok usually reserved for locals.
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